​Gun Show Rules

1) Northwest Gun Shows, LLC requires all local, state, and federal laws must be obeyed at all times.
2) There will be NO loaded firearms, magazines, or speed loaders in the building, either on the tables OR on one’s person, with the exception of law enforcement and authorized security officers under contract with Northwest Gun Shows. This rule applies during show setup, show hours, and show tear down. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!
3) All firearms will have their actions tied open. Where that is impracticable due to design considerations, the firearm will have its action tied to make it inoperable. All detached magazines, including rimfire tubular feeding devices, will be removed from a firearm before it is placed on a table. Black powder flintlock, wheel lock and matchlock arms need not be  tied – all other black powder firearms must be tied. Percussion or cartridge firearms for display only and contained in a locked display case may
remain untied. Firearm sales to persons ineligible or prohibited from firearm possession are strictly forbidden.
4) All local, state, and federal laws must be obeyed at all times. Firearm sales to – or purchases from – persons prohibited by law from firearms ownership/possession are totally forbidden. When making a firearm sale, CHECK the purchaser’s ID and WRITE A RECEIPT. Receipt MUST include legible name of seller; if your signature is illegible, you must include a printed version of your name on receipt. These receipts WILL be checked at the door when purchaser leaves! Violation of this rule will lead to immediate and permanent disqualification for tables at future Northwest Gun Shows.
5) All transactions involving firearms during the hours of Northwest Gun Shows must be conducted within the established location designated for firearm transactions.  Transactions conducted outside of the established locations may be considered an attempt to go around paragraph 4 of these rules.
6) Class III firearms, including sound suppressors, fully automatic firearms, short-barreled rifles/shotguns, or Any Other Weapons (AOWs) other than those displayed by law enforcement or military organizations, or parts to convert semiautomatic arms to fully automatic are prohibited, unless the items are possessed in accordance with the Federal NFA laws and paperwork
approving possession is immediately accessible to any Northwest Gun Shows representative and/or law enforcement. Dummy, replica, or registered Title 11 firearms must be accompanied by a clearly readable sign stating that the item in question is not a machine gun.
7) All knives must be sheaved or behind glass. All self-defense spray must be in sealed packages. All lasers and stun devices must have the batteries removed or not be accessible by the public.
8) There will be no bulk gunpowder or explosive bullets in the building without express permission of the promoter. There will be no loose cartridges or loaded clips of any description near the firearms for which they are intended. Chemicals used to make explosive compounds are prohibited.
9) The sale of literature on the manufacture of unlawful explosive devices, silencers, full automatic firearms, booby-traps, and/or illegal terrorist tactics, etc. is prohibited. All pornographic, anti-Semitic, racist and hate literature, targets or images is prohibited. Northwest Gun Shows LLC reserves all rights to require the removal of any item or product deemed dangerous, offensive or illegal.
10) Any extended bayonets attached to firearms must be scabbarded with no exceptions. If a bayonet on a firearm has no scabbard, it shall either be
folded against the stock or removed from the firearm. This applies to arms that are being carried as well as to arms that are on tables.
11) Vendors and staff will be supplied with badges and they must be worn at all times while on the event premises.
12) No person under 18 of age will be admitted, unless accompanied by an  adult, parent or guardian.
13) No cameras, photos, or recording equipment allowed without the permission of event management.
14) Exhibitors must have sufficient Product Liability and Personal Injury Insurance
15) Event security reserves the right to inspect all bags, packages or containers entering or exiting the facility.

16) Vendors who do NOT fulfill their reservation commitment or withdraw early from the event will forfeit all fees and be placed on "stand by"
 status for future events. Patron's entry fees are non-refundable.
17) No smoking in the building. Smoking only allowed in designated areas. No alcohol to be on the premises.
18) Parking allowed in designated parking areas only and in accordance with the venue regulations.
19) No pets allowed with the exception of on duty service animals.
20) Failure to comply with rules may result in disqualification of entry or vendor space at future events, criminal trespassing charges and/or legal
 action. Any person using loud or abusive language towards show management, security, another attendee or table holder may be removed from any Northwest Gun Shows, LLC events.
21) Northwest Gun Shows, LLC and its representatives accept no responsibility for conditions beyond their control.
22) Northwest Gun Shows, LLC events are intended to support sporting and collecting activities only. The opinions of exhibitors may not reflect the
 opinions of Northwest Gun Shows.
23) Northwest Gun Shows, LLC requires compliance with and obedience to all  applicable federal, state, and municipal firearms laws and ordinances within and in proximity to ANY Northwest Gun Shows, LLC Shows. Further, Northwest Gun Shows, LLC disclaims any liability for any of the acts of any participants, guests, or visitors at any Northwest Gun Shows, LLC which might be construed to violate any laws, ordinances, or regulations. It is the responsibility and obligation of each participant to maintain personal liability insurance and be familiar with all laws applicable to firearms
 and ammunition ant to abide by them at all Northwest Gun Shows, LLC events.